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Western Intake Partnership

The Western Intake Partnership (WIP) members support our communities and sustain their quality of life by providing reliable, high quality drinking water to the Triangle region.

About Us

The Western Intake Partnership (WIP) is formed by the City of Durham, Chatham County, Orange Water and Sewer Authority (OWASA), and the Town of Pittsboro. The WIP is working to design and construct water supply facilities and infrastructure to withdraw, treat, and deliver water from Jordan Lake to the Triangle Region communities they serve. To learn more about their projects, click on the link below.

Our Projects

Our Members

City of Durham Chatham County, North Carolina Pittsboro, North CarolinaOrange Water and Sewer Authority

Partnership Governance

The Western Intake Partnership is securing a long-term water supply for the region. Our mission is to support our communities’ water needs. To support that mission, we are building strong relationships with the community members involved in the Partnership. This includes building a foundation for the Partnership’s governance.

About the Governance Process

The Western Intake Partnership recognizes the responsibility we have to cooperate with each other and always focus on those we serve. The icons below outline specific things we’re doing to determine how the Partnership will function.

Establishing guidelines for working together

Collaborating on budgets

Agreeing on how to make decisions as a group

Facilitating our meetings in a professional manner

Interlocal Agreement

The Partners are developing an interlocal agreement to address long-term collaboration on operation of the facilities.